As the eCommerce industry grows, the types of products consumers can purchase online are becoming more and more diverse. You can now shop online for everything from standard clothing and shoes for adults, children, and even pets to tailor-made suits and sports equipment like boxing gloves. The wide variety of products being sold online has led to customers needing more comprehensive, detailed sizing information. By providing them with an efficient way to find the correct product size for them, merchants can reduce return rates and their associated costs.

Thanks to the power of technology, there are now several new, effective ways online merchants can display sizing information and give fit recommendations to shoppers. Let’s explore six of the most popular digital sizing solutions so you can choose the right one for your eCommerce store.

Fit Analytics: Solve sizing and sell smarter

6 Top Sizing Solutions: Create Size Charts for Your eCommerce Brand to Reduce Returns

Fit Analytics is a leading sizing solution used by many global apparel brands, including The North Face, ASOS, NAUTICA, and others. Each month, they power over one billion size recommendations for customers of leading stores around the world. Recognizing that size standards are not consistent among brands, they’ve created an algorithm to recommend the ideal size for a particular shopper across multiple brands.

Two of their most popular tools eCommerce merchants can take advantage of are Fit Finder and Fit Connect.

Fit Finder is an intuitive fit recommender powered by a machine learning algorithm and the biggest database in the industry. It takes the consumer’s specific body shape and fit preferences into account and recommends the right size accordingly. Once a shopper enters this information about their body type, they can also save it to a personal profile and apply it to other brands they may buy from in the future.

Fit Connect uses a flexible API to deliver size recommendations and product availability information to prospective customers on different areas of your website. Fit Connect automatically displays the right size of an item to the shopper, as long as they’ve already entered their personal sizing information into Fit Finder.

Fit Analytics does not list pricing on their website. Prospective clients will need to contact them for more information.

Kiwi Sizing: Help your customers shop the right size, every single time

6 Top Sizing Solutions: Create Size Charts for Your eCommerce Brand to Reduce Returns

Kiwi Sizing is one of the most popular sizing solutions on the market. It’s compatible with all the major eCommerce platforms, and is the only one of the six listed here that also integrates with BigCommerce. It’s rated as the number-one sizing tool in the Shopify app store, and has a five-star rating with more than 500 positive reviews.

Kiwi Sizing's Size Recommender and Size Chart are the two features that make it so useful for eCommerce merchants.

Size Recommender can suggest the most suitable size based on a prospect’s age, gender, and body shape. Your customers can simply type in their height and weight, and Kiwi Sizing’s machine-learning recommender will let them know how different sizes of your product will fit them. Or, if you sell items where fit is harder to predict (like pet accessories or sports gear), you can add sizing information and guidance into Kiwi Sizing’s Generic Table Recommender instead.

Professional Size Charts by Kiwi Sizing have extra features that make them far more useful than a standard size chart. First, they include unit conversions, which let people from different parts of the world see the measurements in units they can easily understand. You also have the option to use a predesigned template for your chart if you want to launch quickly. Or, you can customize the chart’s layout and colors yourself, and even add tables, images, and videos. No matter what information you need to share with shoppers to help them in the size-selection process, you can make it easily available with Kiwi Sizing’s Professional Size Charts.

Kiwi Sizing provides transparent pricing plans for businesses of all sizes. There’s no need to get a quote or book a demo; you can try out the tools for free and create a helpful size chart for your online store today.

Truefit: Discover fashion true to you

6 Top Sizing Solutions: Create Size Charts for Your eCommerce Brand to Reduce Returns

Truefit is a personalization platform that gives footwear and apparel retailers access to data about personal style, fit, and size from a huge audience. Its database holds information from millions of registered users and hundreds of millions of shoppers, which makes it one of the most comprehensive data sets in the industry.

Truefit currently partners with many worldwide fashion retailers and brands. Their True Confidence and True Discovery products are the two that have positioned them as industry leaders.

True Confidence is a tool that lets consumers create a profile with their body type specifications and measurements. Then, when these shoppers visit an eCommerce clothing website that uses Truefit, they’ll automatically receive a recommendation for the size that’s most likely to fit them. It eliminates the guesswork in the shopping process, which increases customer satisfaction and loyalty and reduces the return rate.

True Discovery is a data-driven feature that recommends styles based on a customer’s size and preferences. It uses AI and a database of product attributes to recommend specific items for a particular customer based on their style preferences, size, and product availability. It’s almost like having a virtual personal shopper pick out clothes for the consumer in sizes and styles that are likely to work for them.

The cost of Truefit plans aren’t listed on their official website. If you’re interested in this service, you’ll need to contact a salesperson to book a demo, which means their pricing is likely geared toward larger brands.

Easysize: Get sizing right the easy way

6 Top Sizing Solutions: Create Size Charts for Your eCommerce Brand to Reduce Returns

Easysize is an eCommerce plugin that’s simple to use, but highly accurate thanks to AI. Customers using Easysize don't need to measure themselves at all to get sizing recommendations from this tool. Instead, they just have to answer a few questions, like “What size do you usually wear?” and “How tall are you?” and Easysize will find them a perfect fit.

The Sizing plugin from Easysize is a fit recommender that integrates with popular eCommerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce. Its database contains sizing and fit details from 15,000 fashion brands, which is what makes its recommendations so accurate for shoppers. It also allows easy comparison of size differences between brands. One of the clients in their case studies was able to decrease double-size purchases by 16%, and increase sales conversions by 177%, which proves the product’s effectiveness.

Easysize offers three pricing packages depending on the size of your business, which start at $95 per month. They also offer custom deals for larger brands.

3DLOOK: The entire fitting room in the palm of your hand

6 Top Sizing Solutions: Create Size Charts for Your eCommerce Brand to Reduce Returns

3DLOOK acts as a virtual fitting room for online shoppers. It can generate a user’s body measurements from just two photos and provide size recommendations accordingly. Then, the user can experiment with their virtual try-on feature to visually tell if the size and style of the item  is what they’re looking for. The shopper gets a highly accurate size recommendation, and the eCommerce merchant gets crucial data for product stocking and forecasting to help them order accurate inventory and reduce waste.

3DLOOK is one of the best sizing solutions for the apparel industry in terms of technology integration. The following two functions are especially advanced and useful for both customers and merchants.

Your Fit allows customers to virtually try on items from your online store once they’ve uploaded two body photos. The tool will recommend the right size for them, and they can decide visually whether they like the style and fit. Plus, for eCommerce stores that sell uniforms for nurses, police officers, or other professionals, the Uniform Pro tool works in a similar, equally effective way.

Mobile Tailor is a perfect tool for online businesses that offer custom-made items. Again, shoppers simply have to upload two photos, and 3DLOOK will generate custom measurements without any contact. It saves time and eliminates the need for travel, giving the business the opportunity to expand their reach globally.

3DLOOK does not share pricing information on their website. You’ll need to contact them for a quote.

Virtusize: Perfect fit, every time

6 Top Sizing Solutions: Create Size Charts for Your eCommerce Brand to Reduce Returns

Virtusize was founded in Sweden and is now based in Japan. They focus on giving fashion retailers an easy way to help their customers find the perfect fit, and they work with both global and Japanese brands like BEAMS, LOTTE, and YOHJI YAMAMOTO. Their innovative tool helps shoppers compare the item they’re interested in with something they already own to understand how the online product will fit. Customers can also create an avatar that allows them to virtually try on items.

Virtusize is a bit different to the other solutions we’ve listed. It’s more of a personal wardrobe tool for shoppers, which they can use to find the right fit across different shopping websites. The software stores a user’s past purchases on their profile and uses that data to recommend sizes at other online stores. In addition to helping lower return rates for merchants, this tool can also help bring in new business, as Virtusize’s 30 million existing users tend to seek out other stores that also support the tool.

Virtusize doesn’t list their pricing models online. For pricing information, contact the company directly.

Choose the sizing and fit tool that’s right for your business

Reducing the return rate is a challenge every eCommerce brand faces. If you’re still using a basic, static image to share sizing information with customers, it’s time you upgraded to a more high-tech tool. Any of the solutions we’ve presented here will help you not only reduce return rates and the associated costs, but also increase sales, improve the customer experience, and grow your online store.

Kiwi Sizing is an e-commerce plugin to help solve the sizing problems for online shopping. Over 40% of online clothing returns are due to sizes. Kiwi Sizing is designed to make sizing easy by offering stylish size charts and easy-to-use fit recommenders that let shoppers know what is the best size to purchase. We help improve conversions, cut down on returns, and lower the needs for customer support.

We are trusted by thousands of Shopify stores with over 400 5-star reviews. Try it now for free and start reducing unnecessary returns.