We want to share a couple updates to our app for June.

1. Big UI update + standalone page

As many of you have noticed, there is recent a big redesign of the app's interface. Now the app opens up in a standalone page instead of embedded within Shopify's admin panel. We believe the update now makes the tool easier to use.

Kiwi Sizing - June 2020 Updates: UI redesign + recommender update

2. Advanced Recommender explainability

Previously, the advanced recommender displays a graph for comparing fit between sizes. It wasn't clear to many people how to interpret the graph, so we added a new option to show explanatory text like "chest is too tight" or "chest fits perfectly", which is more understandable to customers.

You can enable this option by going to settings > recommender > Adv. Rec, and turn on "Use new fit info".

Kiwi Sizing - June 2020 Updates: UI redesign + recommender update

Other smaller updates

  • introduce an advanced recommender option to not ask customers for age
  • support showing multiple results in the recommender link
  • improved performance/reduce script bundle size

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