WooCommerce is the most popular open-source eCommerce platform for WordPress, a website system with a full 64.7% of market share across the world, and WooCommerce powers 99% of all WordPress online stores. It is easy to install and is free of charge. The completeness, flexibility, and simplicity of WooCommerce have earned it over 5 million active installations and an excellent review of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

The open ecosystem has also nurtured a community of developers who have created countless plugins to enhance the eCommerce capability. By making the best use of plugins with different features, you can provide a world-class shopping experience for your customers. In this article, we will present 6 top plugins for WooCommerce fashion stores.

Pinterest for WooCommerce

Top 5 Plugins for WooCommerce Fashion Stores
A good way to grow your fashion brand

Fashion consumers are very visual and always looking for new items. By linking your store to Pinterest, you can showcase and introduce new products to customers who already like your brand, and more importantly, increase your chances of reaching and attracting new customers. Once installed, you can edit, manage and schedule these pins from the admin panel of WooCommerce, and get your products seen by more people to grow your fashion brand in a more efficient way.

Key Features

  • Add a Save button to product photos
  • Improve the performance of Pinterest ads by tracking conversions
  • Manage pins in one place: schedule pins, bulk pinning, pin on several boards, etc.
  • Automated transfer products-related details like product name, description, price, and stock availability.

WooCommerce One Click Upsell Funnel Pro

Top 6 Plugins for WooCommerce Fashion Stores

WooCommerce One-Click Upsell Funnel Pro helps merchants to make post-purchase offers that users can buy in one click without re-entering payment details. Create product-specific offer pages, accept secured payments via widely accepted payment gateways, pre-defined offer templates to be used readily. It also supports major page builders that lets you create custom and responsive upselling pages.

Key Features:

  • Post Purchase – Special One time Offer
  • Target Product Category For Triggering Offers
  • A Single Click to Accept the offer
  • Streamlines with Upsells and Downsells
  • Combined Order of Parent & Upsell products
  • Create Unlimited Funnels with Unlimited Number of Offers
  • Create Product Specific Offer Pages
  • Funnel Sandbox Mode
  • Responsive Offer Pages
  • Accept Payments From Multiple Payment Gateways Securely

Free Version: Click Here     |      Pro Version: Click Here

HubSpot for WooCommerce

Top 5 Plugins for WooCommerce Fashion Stores
A comprehensive plugin with the operation, marketing, and CRM functions

Hubspot for WooCommerce is one of the most complete CRM systems for fashion stores, providing functions such as tracking customer data, shopping behaviors and sending marketing emails. For sellers in the fashion industry, understanding customer information and sending news about products that meet customer preferences is an essential task. And don't forget the 70% shopping cart abandon rate! HubSpot allows you to remind customers who haven't completed their checkout and see which items have been left in the cart. Hubspot, covering marketing, operations, and customer service, is definitely an indispensable plug-in for your WooCommerce store,

Key Features

  • Sync your store data to HubSpot to better understand and manage your customers and their orders.
  • Track and recover abandoned carts to get higher conversion rates
  • Built-in Email marketing tool to build beautiful, responsive emails
  • Advanced tracking, marketing, and ad tools to get higher ROI

Kiwi Sizing for WooCommerce

Top 5 Plugins for WooCommerce Fashion Stores
Best sizing tool for you to sell more and return less

Kiwi Sizing is Shopify's most popular size chart, and now it's also fully compatible with WooCommerce and available as a free version. Kiwi Sizing offers three different Size Recommenders for a wide range of store types. Its Powerful Size chart gives stores the freedom to create designs and layouts that match the brand's style without coding. In addition, Kiwi Sizing's Size Table automatically detects the customer's location and displays the local measurement standards. With this tool, for fashion stores, customers can find the best size for them in the first place, increasing both purchasing opportunities and revenue, as well as reducing labor and shipping costs caused by later returns.

Key Features

  • 3 different types of Size Recommenders to choose from.
  • Powerful size chart that allows users to create their preferred layouts.
  • Advanced Size table that comes with automatic unit conversions, and auto unit detection
  • Google analytics integration and in-app analytics  

Abandon Cart Pro for WooCommerce

Top 5 Plugins for WooCommerce Fashion Stores
Remind and attract shoppers to recover their abandoned shopping carts

As mentioned above, shopping cart abandonment is a huge issue for eCommerce managers. To recover these purchases, you would need Abandon Cart Pro for WooCommerce. With Abandon Cart Pro activated on your fashion store, once shoppers click the "add to cart" button, the system will notify them to enter their email, name, mobile number, etc. If they do not complete the checkout, they will be automatically reminded via email, message, or Facebook messenger. Using the accumulation of data, the plugin not only reminds, but also offers attractive incentives such as discounts or free shipping, and allows consumers to restore their shopping cart with one click. This process has significantly increased consumers' willingness to retrieve their shopping cart and successfully check out.

Key features

  • Add to Cart Popup with design customization and urgency popup coupon
  • Custom field integrations with popular WordPress form plugins
  • Message automation and customization sending via email, texts, or Facebook messenger
  • Provide incentives to recover shipping carts  

Shipment Tracking

Top 5 Plugins for WooCommerce Fashion Stores
Let customers track their shipment with 1-click

This WooCommerce developed plugin, Shipment Tracking, is as straightforward as its name implies, allowing consumers to track their shipments, and as a seller, you can also confirm the success of the shipment. Having such a tool not only gives consumers a greater sense of trust and increases customer satisfaction but also reduces the workload of customer service staff because when a consumer wants to know the status of his/her purchase, all he/she needs to do is click on the link sent to her Email and she will know immediately. This plug-in supports most of the major providers around the world, including DHL, UPS, USPS, FedEx, ...etc.

Key Features

  • Complete shipment tracking info for your customers
  • Automatically generated tracking link sent to customer’s email  

Invoice System for WooCommerce

Top 7 Plugins for WooCommerce Fashion Stores

Invoices play a vital role even in the fashion industry as they ensure a proper and healthy cashflow process. Therefore, you can implement an easy way to generate individual or bulk invoices and share them with your customers via email as a PDF attachment using the plugin Invoice System for WooCommerce.

The Invoice System for WooCommerce plugin helps you to save your time and energy spent on generating invoices manually. It automates the invoice generation process and shares PDF invoices with customers via emails. Moreover, it is an effective approach to simplify billing confusion among your customers. The premium version of the plugin also allows you to generate individual and bulk packing slips along with the e-invoices and many other concerned facilities are offered for your convenience.

Key Features

  • Pre-built Invoice Templates
  • Customizable Invoice Number
  • Renew Invoice Number Sequence
  • Bulk Invoices and Packing Slips
  • Generate Credit/Debit Notes

Final Thoughts

These plugins are just a few of the many amazing WooCommerce plugins that are essential to a fashion store. First, engage your customers with social media like Pinterest and then provide complete and accurate sizing information with Kiwi Sizing at the time of purchase to increase sales.

If a shopper adds items to the shopping cart but does not complete the checkout, Abandon Cart Pro will be able to help you remind and encourage the shopper to return to the store for checkout. Then, with Shipment Tracking, you can provide shipping information to increase customer satisfaction. At last, compile all the information into HubSpot and leverage the data for marketing, operation, and better customer service.

We hope this blog post will give you an idea of how to upgrade your WooCommerce fashion store and create an incredible shopping experience for your customers.

To reduce the return rate after a successful sale, we also recommend that you can create a size chart with unit conversion to make your customers pick the unit they are most comfortable to think in to make a purchase decision.

Or use Kiwi Sizing AI Size Recommender as a size chart tool. It will recommend the most suitable size of products for customers to reduce return rate, help you decrease the cost of the return, and to create a positive cycle of your e-commerce business.