Size Recommender

The easiest way to purchase the right size when shopping online.

Easy set up

We have an intuitive interface to set up recommenders to specify how the clothing should be fitted.

Reduce returns

Reduce shopping hesitation and chances of buying the wrong size.

Happy customers

Avoid unhappy customers by making online shopping stress-free with the easy-to-use tool.

Intelligent fit prediction

Simple questions

We estimate the person's body measurements from simple questions that everyone knows about themselves. The flow takes less than 10 seconds to finish.

Machine learning based

We have gathered a lot of data to estimate the customers' body measurements.

Input once, see everywhere

Once the data is put in once, the customer will see recommendation on every product page they visit.

Simple & sophisticated set up tool

Simple creation flow

The recommender set up flow asks for a series of questions about the product. The process can be finished quickly.

Customize fit preferences

We also allow you to specify how the product should be worn. For example, how long should the shirt length be. We understand that depending on the style, there could be different preferences.

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