Size Recommender

Create completely customized recommender with control of the inputs and recommendation logic.

You can use this for any products.

Full customizability

If you know how size should be calculated, you can set up a custom recommender!

Reduce returns

Reduce shopping hesitation and chances of buying the wrong size.

Happy customers

Avoid unhappy customers by making online shopping stress-free with the easy-to-use tool.

Powerful creation editor

Flexible recommender steps

You can add "number input" or "select input" steps to collect customer data and set up "recommendation" steps to calculate the result. The recommendation steps can use input data to make decision.

Intuitive UI

The creation editor is easy to use with a preview to immediately test out the result during setup.

No coding skill needed

Almost everything is customizable without having to write code. As long as you have the logics thought out, any non-technical person can set it up via the editor.

Using code for advanced users

Set up custom variables

Set up more complex data types (i.e. JSON) that you can access later in the recommendation steps

Dynamically generate options

Generate select options dynamically using javascript code. This gives even greater flexibility.

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