Size Charts

Fully customize the size chart content to help customers make their purchase decisions.

While size recommendation services is the future of online shopping, reliable and easy to understand size charts is still an irreplaceable part of any good e-commerce website.

Many customers still rely on this when they shop online.

Flexible Layouts

Create any content type of your choice to give your customers all the information necessary about sizing

  • Size Table
  • Cross Size Table
  • Text
  • Image
  • Divider
  • Video
  • Image with Captions
  • Image Group
  • International Size Charts
  • Tabs
  • Code
  • Recommender

Size Chart Templates

If you have over 100 t-shirts size charts and want to keep them consistent, use size chart templates.

Keep size charts consistent

Create generic layout template and apply to different sizing charts with different table measurements. This makes it easy to keep everything consistent.

Update one template, apply to all

Instead of changing every size chart, updating the template will reflect change to all sizes using it.

Dynamic Size Chart

Flexible ways to match size charts to products. Useful for multi-brand shops with thousands of SKUs.

Different matching rules

Match products by different rules, like product ID, brand, sku, category, and tags.

Match by ANY or ALL conditions

Match with products that meets one of the conditions or products meeting all the conditions.

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